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Hello fellow one on one writers.  I had taken a few months break from writing one one's and now looking to get back into writing
 again.  I have a few ideas below to write on.  All ideas can be discussed and edited to what we wish.  These are just ideas I'm 
throwing out there to discuss.

I like going through a group to post to share with others to read or we can go by email back and forth.

If you wish to see an introduction sample of writing, just ask.  English and grammar and asking for more than a paragraph two liner
 response is a request I ask of all my partners.

1)  Traditional slave bought at the slave market.  I have a young man, taken in the prize of war, his village taken ,over run from
 the neighboring land.  He's been walked for days to the 
capital to be sold to the highest bidder.  Do you need a whipping boy, or a 
young man to be used to your darkest deeds?  Mistress or Master
 please apply.

2) Western with a twist.  A ranch in the middle of nowhere, Domineering owner.

   a) a wife serves him, is a servant to his domineering ways.

   b) a young man is chosen to be his house boy in ever sense of the way

   c) A wife who is left to her devices is Mistress to her own houseboy/girl and uses him to her own ideas.

Discussion on who plays what, I'm open to switching up male or female on this or combining some of those ideas for a multi line.

3) The USS Love.  A ship rehabbed for ultimate luxury.  Rentable for any period of time with a crew of ten.  It also holds deep secret rooms to flex your will.  Upon a request a personal duty person male/female to be at your side to do with as you wish.

Twists on this .. 

A) a character gets a mysteries invitation for a cruise on the USS Love.  They could be brought aboard on false pretenses and then 
anything can happen.  A vampire crew?  A rich man looking to make a harem and kidnap those who come aboard?

4) Space the final frontier.  Well we know how that goes.  A space ship has come to a new land, and strands a group of officers,
 male and female.  The local population quickly subdues them and have them restrained.  Now its time to play with their new slaves.  
Alien forms?  human to human?  Open to multi lines here.

5) Boarder house.  You come to need a room in a new town.  People tell you that the large Victorian house at 69 Love Lane, there 
is a room available.  You knock on the door and let in by the Owner.  There is more to this 
house than what you see in the front parlor.  Dominant.  Submissive.  Sex for room and board?

Email me directly  bbitommyboy @ gmail. Com and we can hash out and discuss lines.  Look forward in talking with you on these


dec 24 2011 - rpg ideas

Hello fellow one on one writers.  I had taken a few months break from writing one one's and now looking to get back into writing again.  I have a few ideas below to write on.  All ideas can be discussed and edited to what we wish.  These are just ideas I'm throwing out there to discuss.

I like going through a group to post to share with others to read or we can go by email back and forth.

If you wish to see an introduction sample of writing, just ask.  English and grammar and asking for more than a paragraph two liner response is a request I ask of all my partners.

1)  Traditional slave bought at the slave market.  I have a young man, taken in the prize of war, his village taken ,over run from the neighboring land.  He's been walked for days to the capital to be sold to the highest bidder.  Do you need a whipping boy, or a young man to be used to your darkest deeds?  Mistress or Master please apply.

2) Western with a twist.  A ranch in the middle of nowhere, Domineering owner.

   a) a wife serves him, is a servant to his domineering ways.

   b) a young man is chosen to be his house boy in ever sense of the way

   c) A wife who is left to her devices is Mistress to her own houseboy/girl and uses him to her own ideas.

Discussion on who plays what, I'm open to switching up male or female on this or combining some of those ideas for a multi line.

3) The USS Love.  A ship rehabbed for ultimate luxury.  Rentable for any period of time with a crew of ten.  It also holds deep secret rooms to flex your will.  Upon a request a personal duty person male/female to be at your side to do with as you wish.

Twists on this .. 

A) a character gets a mysteries invitation for a cruise on the USS Love.  They could be brought aboard on false pretenses and then anything can happen.  A vampire crew?  A rich man looking to make a harem and kidnap those who come aboard?

4) Space the final frontier.  Well we know how that goes.  A space ship has come to a new land, and strands a group of officers, male and female.  The local population quickly subdues them and have them restrained.  Now its time to play with their new slaves.  Alien forms?  human to human?  Open to multi lines here.

5) Boarder house.  You come to need a room in a new town.  People tell you that the large Victorian house at 69 Love Lane, there is a room available.  You knock on the door and let in by the Owner.  There is more to this house than what you see in the front parlor.  Dominant.  Submissive.  Sex for room and board?

Email me directly  bbitommyboy @ gmail. Com and we can hash out and discuss lines.  Look forward in talking with you on these ideas.

Paula C.

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New idea - Slave looking for a vampire Mistress or Master

Okay, I've had this on my computer a few months and I would love to play it out.

A Master or Mistress Vampire.  Yes at the moment he is trained, but flashback can be done of his capture and training.

My given name at birth was Rich. I no longer use or answer to that name. Even thinking about it now could get me in trouble with my master. For the name I answer to is pet.


My master, ______________, is the only person who can care for me. I’m tied to him by chain and need. Literally I’m chained to him. I have a metal collar that is for eternity sealed and attached by a twelve foot chain. When my Master is awake, I’m attached to his wrist. When he’s sleeping, I’m attached to the coffin that he sleeps in. The room allows me to move about, to enjoy the amenities during the day if I’m awake. 


The servants of the house feed me, bringing me my meals to sustain my health. My life is limited what I can find in this room and by my Master’s side.


A typical day


Taking to my mat that is by the casket, I nap. My body when my master is not awake is allowed to be covered, usually a pair of slip on pants and a button shirt, a blanket to keep me warm. I rest a few hours, between the time my Master lays to sleep and the servants bring me my breakfast.


I usually eat my given meal. The morning is spent as my own time. Searching the internet on a lap top, reading the news of the day, finding interesting prospects, or playing with the DS with games I’ve asked Master to purchase.    I have a corner, a shelf with reading material provided by my master, showing how to serve him to the best of my ability, with books ranging from Joys of Sex, Leather and Sex, Obedience, and such. Along with magazines that have items of interest.


After lunch, a nap to be ready for the evening and night to come by Master’s side.


Not long before dusk, Master rises to face his day. I run his bath and bathe him, as he does me. He decides upon the tone of the evening, either dressing me, leaving me naked, or amusing himself with dressing me in leather or other items.   We eat dinner usually at midnight in the dining room, either alone or entertaining guests.


Afterwards, Master if alone, reviews the household and the accounts and orders he had left for his man servant and organizes what he wishes to be done the next day.   If we have guests, Master entertains them. That could be sharing me with them and watching what they do with my submissive body, or he shows them how to use a slave properly in his mind.


I obey him. Let him use me as the slave I am. I let him torture me for I have come to love the pain, and beg for it.


Soon the pain is only secondary for he feeds upon me, taking what I am there for in the first place, to give him warm blood. If I’m good, he takes only what he needs and lavs at my wound to quickly heel. If I have been bad, he drinks more than he should and lets it drip to show me I can be taken from this world easily.


And as the approach of the sunrise, my Master returns to his den, and prepares for his rest in his coffin, leaving me to guard him, and serve him.




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Like's and not's

** ** **


Breast/Nipple play

Drug use



Light/medium bondage

Leather, use of

Medical Play



Leash & Collar







Anal sex Receiving/giving

Anal training





Cock and ball play

Double penetration




Male pregnancy

Oral sex Receiving/Giving


Rimming Receiving/Giving


Suspension play


Wax play







Water sports (urine)


Potential Story lines

1) Chained together

Wanted male or female to play opposite my character which can be male or female. Can be played m/m, f/m or f/f


Waking up from a deep sleep you find yourself in a large room with a large bed in the middle of the room, a non private shower and toilet in the far corner. Upon getting your wits about you, you find you are chained by your wrist to someone else who is also lying on the bed.


2) Sex Farm

Wanted male or female to play opposite my character which will be male.

M/M or F/M


My Character has been brought to the farm. He has been genetically found to be the right DNA needed to be farmed. Brought to this unique place, he is hooked up at times, once a day to machines that capture his sperm. At times he needs inspiration. At times he might be uncooperative and would have to be shown the error in his ways as he is his ‘milked’ of his sperm.


Happy farm workers taking advantage of him, women sent to inspire him. When bad, he could be taken for bondage/forced milking by the farmer.


3) Auction

Wanted male or female to play opposite my character which can be male or female. Can be played m/m, f/m or f/f


Last thing my character remembers is playing at the poker table and taking a complimentary drink. After finishing the drink, my character feels a bit woozy and decides to head back to their room. Only making a few steps, my character blacks out.


Waking in a room, similar to their hotel room, they wake to a warm room. Stripping to almost nothing they settle into their room.


All is not what it seems. The room is actually close captioned to show what is going on in the room. An auction is held by a group of patrons to 1) win a night with a person of interest in the casino.  Tonight my character has been chosen.   The winner waits to be let into the room designed to show all that goes on to the other patrons.


The room has drink, food, and toys to be used to make the night successful.


5) Red Light District

Wanted male or female to play opposite my character which can be male or female. Can be played m/m, f/m or f/f

In need of money. Young and unattached, my character has found that to achieve something they must make some money quickly. Though not a virgin, they are more vanilla than knowing what would be needed to make it on the street.


Be the first to show them that things are not as easy as they think it is.


6) Priest/Priestess – branding

Wanted male or female to play opposite my character which will be male.

M/M or F/M


My character has been brought to the temple to serve. All slaves are first to be inducted into the temple by branding. After that, they are taught what is wanted of them. Be the Priest or Priestess, and/or their administrator. Take a liking to my young man and we shall see where we go.


7) Kidnapped (1)

Wanted male or female to play opposite my character which can be male or female. Can be played m/m, f/m or f/f


Unable to see, taste, hear or smell, my character has been left alone. Blindfolded and tied to a bed, they are unable to move much. Left naked, and feeling a bit of desire within their lions by some drug, they are aroused. 


Are they alone in the room? Is someone watching them? What do you wish of them?


8) Medical Experiment

Wanted male or female to play opposite my character which can be male or female. Can be played m/m, f/m or f/f


Brought into a room, my character is secured to a gurney by medical restraints, dressed in a medical gown.


Are you ready to experiment? What are you enhancing? What are you experimenting on? Are you using the patient for your own uses?


9) Use of dirty dice

Wanted male or female to play opposite my character which can be male or female.




Use the answers to several roles to develop a scene between characters.


10) To breed (1)

Wanted female to play opposite my male



In a land that finds itself is ruin and toil, fertile woman are a rare item to find. Upon age of eighteen, young women are to be turned over to the breeders, to be used to bring forth at least five babies.


First brought to a chamber where males were brought daily try to in pregnant the female. Female can be willing or use of items in the room to make her available to be used.


After pregnancy has taken, how does she spend her time? Does she live in peace and have all her dreams fulfilled or does she have to service men in ways?


11) To breed (2)

Wanted male to play opposite my female character 




In a land that finds itself is ruin and toil, fertile men are a rare item to find. Upon age of eighteen, young men are to be turned over to the breeders, to be used to bring forth at least two years


First brought to a chamber where females are brought daily try to in pregnant the female. Female can be willing or use of items in the room to make her available to be used to the male.


If he co-operates he is given tokens and appreciation. If he disobeys, he is punished but still used on a daily basis


12)  69 smut lane

Wanted male/female to play opposite my male/female character M/F


You ended up at the apartment after finding a posting at one of the taverns in the area inviting you. They claimed to be like none other, a vile slut who would gladly accept anything in their holes you might desire.


You arrive at the apartment to find the door, open. From inside the sound of moaning, and groaning. The smell of sex is present.. And there you see them, bent over their coffee table fresh from their most recent fucking.


13) Post-Apocalyptic

Open to a group men and women to make up this land.

Armed with knives and all else he could find to defend himself in this now strange land that once had been civilization. Monster, created by genetic changes over the years must be dealt with. Survival of the fittest.


14) Prison

Open to a group of men to survive an open prison


My character had killed people, sold drugs and did the same in here. He doesn’t look like the type, but he’s feisty. Discussion on lines welcomed.


I have been writing since High School. And that is a long time ago. I’m a mature adult, single mom of one. I like writing as a hobby and consider myself a mouse potato than a couch potato. I write fan fiction, original stories, and enjoy interacting with others.


Below is a work up of trying to cover all the bases.


You may comment to further discussion.





Some female PBs I enjoy playing or would like to play:  Amy Lee

Some Male PBs I enjoy playing or would like to play: Richard Hammond, James May, Jeremy Clarkson (all from Top Gear)


Some Male Characters I enjoy playing or would like to play:  Buckaroo Banzai and the Hong Kong Cavaliers (Buckaroo, Rawhide, Perfect Tommy), the Sentinel (Blair Sandburg), Sahara the movie (Al Girodino, Dirk Pitt), Star Wars (Han Solo, Luke Skywalker).


Themes I like:




dark themes

Modern Realistic


Original celebrities or celebrities and average people
Rivals, love/hate relationships



Q: Slash or het? PB or Celeb?
A: Slash, het and PB.

Q: PSL or communities? Threads or aim?
A: PSL's and communities. Threads  and AIM

Q: Do you play sex scenes?
A: Yes. I do not fade to black.



-: Male slash
-: Angst/drama/torture/dark stuff
-: Fluffy/lovey/dovey stuff
-: Anything AU
-: Anything modern
-: Anything fantasy
-: Experience
-: Mpreg


-: One-liner's (I avoid it as much as possible, but I understand if there's nothing else to say. As long as I can work with it, I'll accept it.)
-: People who drop off the face of the earth. Please let me know if you got a hang up. 




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